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Why Kidobi?


One-size-fits-all might work for baseball caps, but it doesn't make a lot of sense when it comes to your child's education and entertainment. Your child is one of a kind and that’s why Kidobi creates tailor-made playlists that are just right for their needs.

Adaptive Learning

Each child learns at their own pace, which is why Kidobi continually adapts to your child’s developmental stage and educational needs, striking the right balance between reinforcing their existing knowledge, while helping them master new skills when they’re ready.

Take Kidobi With You

Take your child’s personalized learning channel on the road and through the woods to grandmother’s house with the Kidobi mobile apps for iPad and Android devices. Download the app for free and make screen time count, anywhere!

Curriculum - Areas of Learning

Language and Literacy

Language and literacy development is more than just ABCs. Kidobi’s vast library of preschool videos covers a huge range of language and literacy skills. Whether your child is learning their letters or learning a foreign language, Kidobi’s got your covered.

Social and Emotional Skills

Humans are social animals, and our kids are no different. Kidobi’s content library features videos on empathy, sharing, and managing feelings, so viewers get the positive role models that they need while parents can relax knowing their values are respected.


From the earliest stages of counting to geometry, measurement, and telling time, math skills are an important foundation for every child’s academic success. Kidobi covers a huge range of mathematical concepts for your little mathematician to learn at their own pace.

Life Skills

We believe there’s more to your child’s education than ABCs and 123s. That’s why Kidobi’s curriculum goes beyond the basics to cover skills like cooking, caring for pets, living a healthy lifestyle, traffic safety, and much more!


It’s never too early to learn about science. After all, kids and scientists are a lot alike. Kidobi features content that covers basic scientific concepts, as well as more advanced topics, in an a way that young children can understand and enjoy.

Imagination and Creativity

Young children are naturally creative. Kidobi encourages and reinforces creative expression through segments on art, crafts, children's songs and dance. No matter what your style, Kidobi’s got creative content your little artiste will love.