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Great Features for Great Parents

Playlist Wizard

Want a playlist on a specific subject in a hurry? Kidobi's Playlist Wizard let's you set the topic and the time limit, giving your child content that fits their needs in just a few clicks!

Family Values

Kidobi gives parents the tools to ensure their child sees only shows that fit their values. Use the Family Values Filters to screen out content that doesn't fit with your values.

Set a Curriculum Focus

Whether you want your child to continue to excel in their favourite subject, or if they need a little extra help, Kidobi lets parents set the focus of their child's personalized curriculum.

Progress Reports

Kidobi Report Cards let parents know how each child is progressing. With Kidobi, parents get activity suggestions to support their child's unique needs – right in their inbox!

Rate, Block, and Favourite

Share your thoughts with other parents or read about what other parents have to say about Kidobi content. Parents can also block content they don't like or save the best videos to their child's favourites for quick access.

Expert Reviews

Every video on Kidobi has been pre-screened in full and given a detailed rating so that we can make sure it gets to the right child at the right time.