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What We Believe

  • We believe that every child is unique
  • We believe that parents are experts on their kids
  • We believe that technology can be used for good


Why We Exist

Technology is a dominant force in our children’s lives. In fact, children spend more time with screens, than they do on any other activity except sleep. In comparison, the average school week, once you factor in summer holidays and PA days, is only 18 hours! Since technology  dominates our kids’ lives, it’s crucial that parents are able to give their children content that is educational, engaging and in keeping with their values. Kidobi is striving to make that happen.   

We know that when parents are involved in their child’s education, the learning outcomes are greater. In order for parents to be involved they need easy and intuitive tools. That’s why we give parents the tools and information they need to make screen time count.


Who We Are

Kidobi is a Toronto-based software start-up that is on a mission to make screen time count. We are a diverse group of software developers, designers, researchers, and child development experts who share a passion for children’s media. We believe in the power of technology to be a force for good in our children’s lives. We work every day to make that belief a reality because we’re also concerned parents, just like you.


How It Started

A few years ago I noticed that my oldest daughter was having trouble with counting. She always skipped the number 13, so I thought I would go online and find some resources to help. I looked for videos that she would enjoy, that were at her level, and that addressed the specific issue at hand.  I managed to put together a 30 minute playlist for her that met all those criteria. The problem was that it took over three hours of searching, previewing, evaluating, and then assembling the playlist. This was not a scalable solution.

I had been running my own software development firm for about 10 years, so I decided to devote a little time to seeing if this was a problem that could benefit from a technical solution. I soon realized that, if done right, this project could be ground-breaking.

What would happen if a child’s screen time reflected their educational needs?
What if the content kids watched was based on things that interested them?
What if parents could influence the content their child watched on TV and online without spending hours pre-screening every single video?
What if the best practices developed by developmental psychologists and educational experts could be seamlessly integrated into children’s media?

Kidobi was developed to answer these questions and make screen time count for as many children as possible. We envision a future in which parents, experts and content producers are partners in providing personalized, engaging and educational experiences for preschoolers.


How You Can Help

We continue to do research and add more features, but to truly tackle a problem of this size we need your help! Whether you are a concerned parent, a producer, or a researcher, your input helps us get closer to our goal of making screen time count for our kids. There are many ways to get involved, from rating a video to spreading the word to your friends and family. Contact us to see how you can help usher in the future of children’s media.